• Javascript
  • Javascript Arrow Functions =>

    This article features a great explanation in plain English. I had read about / heard about / seen this syntax pretty often, but never fully grasped what they were and how to use them until after I read this in its entirety: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2015/06/es6-in-depth-arrow-functions/

  • General
  • The MEAN stack is NICE!

    I’d been wanting to delve into Node.js for quite awhile, and over the past few months have finally gotten the chance; I am working on a re-build of my FreeHandicapTracker application using the MEAN stack. I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy everything has been, and how few pitfalls or time-sinks I have run […]

  • CSS
  • FontSquirrel.com

    This service is pretty sweet. Download a font like you normally would (from fontspace.com or wherever you download fonts), upload the font file to the font squirrel service, and it will give you back all the files you need for a full cross-browser-compatible embed of the font + a css snippet that is also cross-browser-compatible […]