IntelliJ is winning the IDE war

Obviously this is my opinion – but I can’t be the only one that is totally loving all the IntelliJ products that have been made available over the past few years.

Today I noticed that PhpStorm has INCREDIBLE support for Docker development environments. I don’t have to use a terminal at all anymore, it features integrated support for run configurations based on Docker Images, Dockerfiles, and even Docker Compose configurations! It also allows you to manage your images and containers directly from a neat little GUI they provide. Amazing!

Debugging for PHP (xdebug) and node.js applications is so easy to setup as well! Setting up XDebug in the past has been cumbersome to say the least, with IDE’s like Eclipse or Netbeans. Setup was pretty straightforward based on the clear and concise documentation directly on the JetBrains website – I didn’t have to hunt around for 3rd part tutorials. (Check it out here if you are interested:

Sorry if this sounds like a commercial for IntelliJ, I’m just really excited to cut down on the number of open terminals and running extraneous tools thanks to this awesome platform!

Here’s a list of the products I’m using currently: (PHP) (Javascript – awesome ES6, React.js and Angular.js support!) (Java) (Android, yep this one is based on IntelliJ too!)