• General
  • Mandrill SMTP Email Service

    I was running a Postfix mail server on my Digital Ocean webserver box to handle sending out email from my web applications…. A year or more ago I went through the painstaking process of learning (just enough) about installation and configuration of Postfix and getting it up and running. It was working, but there were […]

  • Database
  • TinyPHP Data Modeler / ORM

    I was getting tired of copying / pasting and then customizing the Model, Table, and Mapper files for every table in my schema, and also maintaining these files every time I made a change to my schema. For details about the TinyPHP Model / Table / Mapper conventions, see this post I recently built a […]

  • General
  • Linux Server Setup

    I’m tired of having to try to remember every package and every command that needs to be run every time I spin up a new Linux OS that will act as a web server. Often I find myself searching on Google for the right “yum install” command or groups of commands for various pieces of […]

  • General
  • Service Oriented Architecture

    Over the last few years, a strongly-emerging trend in web development (and software development as a whole for that matter) is the move toward service oriented architecture. This is essentially a decoupling of user interface code from application & data logic code. The theory is that by designing one central web service that delivers data […]

  • CSS
  • FontSquirrel.com

    This service is pretty sweet. Download a font like you normally would (from fontspace.com or wherever you download fonts), upload the font file to the font squirrel service, and it will give you back all the files you need for a full cross-browser-compatible embed of the font + a css snippet that is also cross-browser-compatible […]